By Popular Request:

Here are photos from 2009 of the interior and exterior of the house. These are all from before we moved in in August.

And here are some photos from after we moved in. Note that these are all holiday photos.

At Long Last...

Pictures of the lot before site prep began (April 30, 2008)House elevation

Site Preparation began in May, 2008

On June 1 we had a poured foundation.

On June 4 a tremendous storm blew through which felled many trees and left us without power for a couple of days. While a large part of a tree fell in the yard of our current home, nothing fell on our site. But our neighbors, The Verizon Central Office lost one very large tree. (June 12 photos).

On June 26 the first exterior wall panels were delivered from the factory in Harrisonburg, VA. Because there were more storms, there was plenty of mud and the driver had a real chore unloading.

By July 4 the first floor framing was well underway.

On July 15 we met to discuss cabinetry and other business. Work was underway on framing the upper levels.

Site power arrived by July 20, and the house had most of a roof.

By July 22 there were temporary stairs to the second floor, so we could look around.

The first windows were installed by July 25. This took about a week to complete. Most were in by the July 29 On Site Meeting.

In August I didn't take a lot of photos. We vacationed and although meetings continued, changes were subtler.

September has meant continuing on site meetings and lots of things completed.

A lot of wiring and duct work was completed in October. Outside the siding and roofing was completed. The oak stair cases have been installed, but they are still covered to protect the finish.

In November the red shingles were added to the gables and inside the insulation was installed. The interior walls will be dry-walled soon.

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