The day before the start of clearing...

April 30, 2008

  • P1000142
    The day before digging begins. Looking towards the Verizon Central Office.
  • P1000143
    David from Kohler Homes and Mike. Trees marked in red are ones that need to be removed. A lot of them are not healthy and some are simply where the house goes. Anything we can save, we do save.
  • P1000144
    David with plans.
  • P1000145
    The equipment is here already
  • P1000146rot
    Mike contemplates a Bobcat.
  • P1000147
    Looking towards the back of the property. A year or two ago there was the ruins of a house here.
  • P1000148
    Looking towards the CO again. We are keeping one large White Oak to cut into boards for fireplace mantles.
  • P1000149
    Heavy equipment.
  • P1000150
    Judy and Mike
  • P1000151
    Studying the plans with Derek from Kohler. Derek is the site manager.
  • P1000152
    And one more time.