After the Storm

June 12, 2008


  • P1000175
    On June 4 a severe storm tore through here that downed trees and knocked out power for several days. James by the foundation about a week later.
  • P1000176
    They are started to put in flooring.
  • P1000177
    James and lots of gravel.
  • P1000178
    This tree came down next door at the Verizon Central Office. It was really lucky it didn't smash their fence or block the road.
  • P1000179
    BIG tree, but hollowed out and not much for roots. We removed a lot of questionable trees when we cleared for the house, so no apparent issues on our lot.
  • P1000180
    Kohler Homes sign on Fox Mill Rd.
  • P1000181
    Looking up the future drievway. Still lots of trees.