On Site Meeting

July 15, 2008


  • P1000193
    This tree has PEARS growing on it!
  • P1000194
    View from the breakfast area
  • P1000195
    Sharon the realtor, Tony the tile guy, Derek the site manager and Patty the cabinet specialist
  • P1000196
    Sharon and Mike
  • P1000197
    Mike, Patty, Derek and Tony
  • P1000198
    Out the front. Lots of silt fencing.
  • P1000199
    Second floor framing: James' room.
  • P1000200
  • P1000201
    Meeting continues
  • P1000202
    Looking out from the sitting room
  • P1000203
    Master bedroom
  • P1000204
    Bathroom framing
  • P1000205
    Looking up the stairwell